Our “HAVIT” is the special service for any travelers to Japan with communicating with the local people and foods. The travelers can try to cook, have a dinner and talking together under the special family atmosphere.


Q,About cost

5,000 yen per an adult, 2,000 yen per a kid on all courses

Q,About payment in Japan

We are very sorry, we accept the previous payment on the Web only.

Q,What about a limit of reservation

You can reserve until 2 days before the event.

Q,About the variations of dinner menu

Basically, ordinal local family foods, but caring any allergies.You can have a pleasure.

Q,If a case of no understanding any Japanese speaking

Please feel free to communicate. Think about your mind to have any communication with any people. Try do your best performance.The people also try their best for communicating, using a translator and dictionary and body languages in some cases. Don’t be afraid!

Q,How many persons will be available for the event?

Each house has different number of persons for the event.Please confirm our offer pages.

Q,In case of unforeseen accident

Please call a police (No. 110) if you have any violence and rubber cases.Please call ambulance (No. 119) if have any illness. And call us in the same time.

Cancel Policy

In case of cancellation by a guest

If any guest cancelled, we are very sorry, we ask the following cancellation fee.

  • Until 2days before the event: No additional
  • On the day of the event: 50% of the cost
  • Cancellation without notice: 100% of the cost

If you ask any cancellation, please contact HERE.

In case of cancellation because of the home to receive

We immediately inform to the guest in case of incident by the home to receive by a reason of acute illness or some.

  • Refund all payment
  • Reschedule

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