Privacy Policy

HAVIT (hereinafter called “Company”) will specify the privacy policy (hereinafter called “Policy”) regarding our services (hereinafter called “Service”) on the Web-site, as follows;

Article 1. (Privacy information)

The “Privacy information” will be “Private data” on the Private Information Protection Law, and any other private information of existing persons and the data which can recognize any name, birthday, address, phone number, contact and other specifications.
The “Information results and specified information” is out of the above “Privacy information”, means any service to use, commodity to buy, the results of browsing, the searching key-word, the day to use, how to use, the situation to use, the cookie data, position data, the terminal information or some.

Article 2. (Collecting method of privacy information)

We may ask an user any about private data of name , birthday, address, phone number, mail address, bank accounting, credit card number, drivers’ license number.
And, we may collect the user’s deal records on cooperation and some payment information of our co-operators (including an information provider, adviser and advising providers, hereinafter called “Co-operator”).

When any users use our services and others by our cooperators, or browsing the those home pages, we select the users’ information of searching words, date and time to use, methods to use, situation to use (including communicating condition on using the mobile terminal and any property setting on using), IP address, cookie data, position data, terminal information of results and property.

Article 3. (Purpose of collecting private data)

Our purposes to collect the private data will be as follows;

a. A purpose to display the registered data of name, address, contact, payment and others, the details of use of services, shopped goods and prices, for yourself as a user, to see and confirm the display or any revision and usage situation:

b. A purpose to use name, address and contact when we contact or mail our information and send our goods or letter in necessary, to you as a user:

c. A purpose for a user identity confirmation to use data of name, birthday, address, phone number, bank account number, credit card number, driver’ s license number, delivery certificate of mail and others:

d. A purpose for invoicing to a user, to use data of name and number of shopped goods, type and term, times and amount of use of services, name, address, bank account number, credit card number and others:

e. Purpose to display our data on input screen and transfer to the other services (including cooperating partner) upon a user request, when a user try to input data easily:

f. A purpose to refuse a user of payment delay, damaging to the third party, and with any other violation performance on our regulations of services and using with any unfaithful mind, and to specify any fact on individual name and address:

g. A purpose to use a user data of record, contact and others, when we response to a user request of use and invoice, necessary information to provide our services to a user:

h. A purpose to follow above:

Article 4. (Providing private data to the third party)

We will not provide any private data to the third party, without a user approval in advance, and without the followings. However, except a case of acceptance by Private Information Protection Law and other laws.

a. Case based on laws:
b. Case of necessary to save human life or body, or property, if difficult to obtain acceptance of relevant person:
c. Case of particularly necessary to improve public health and to promote healthy child care, if difficult to obtain acceptance of relevant person:
d. Case of necessary to cooperate with governmental organizations or local public societies, or any other assignments under laws, if concerning any troubles on operations with acceptance by relevant person:
e. Case of already published or disclosed the following items previously;
– Purpose to use including provision to the third party
– Items to provide to the third party
– Procedure or method to provide to the third party
– Stopping provision of private data to the third party under relevant person
In spite of above, the following cases will not be case of the third party;

1. Case of outsourcing all or partly of private data within our purpose to use:
2. Case of providing private data by reason of M&A or others:
3. Case of notifying to relevant person or acknowledging
individually in advance on using and sharing range to use, purpose to use and personal name or company name of any responsible status for relevant private data, on cooperating with any specific partner:

Article 5. (Disclosure of private data)

We will immediately disclose private data upon a user (relevant person) request. However, we will not disclose all or partly private data in case of the followings; and we will notify to a user if we could decide not to disclose. And, we will charge you 1,000 yen per once for disclosure.
a. Case of damaging life , body and property, or any other rights and profit of relevant person or the third party:
b. Case of damaging our fair operations significantly:
c. Case of any violation for other laws:
In spite of above, we will basically not disclose any records and particular information without private data.

Article 6. (Revise and delete private data)

A user will be available require any revision and deletion of private data upon our procedures, if any wrong information on our own data.
If we could confirm above a user request to be necessary, we will immediately revise or delete and notify to a user.

Article 7. (Suspension of use of private data, etc.)

In case of requiring suspension of use of private data, or deletion of private data by a user (hereinafter called “Suspension of use, etc.”, by reason of using out of limit and obtaining unfaithfully, we will immediately research the fact and execute suspension of use of private data, then will notify to relevant user. However, in case of any significant expense or difficulties on suspension and if any necessary alternative measure to protect right and profit of relevant user, we will take the measure.

Article 8. (Revision of privacy policy)

These privacy policy contents will be available to revise without any notice for a user. Any other privacy policy after revised will be enforced when displayed on our website.

Article. (Contact window)

Regarding any question for our policy, please use here “CONTACT FORM”.

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